Balancing paper

This type of paper is used to balance the stresses that occur when bonding laminates, veneers and finish foils to particleboard or MDF. It is used on the reverse side of the board, such as the underside of a kitchen countertop, to avoid deformation. The advantage of balancing paper is its workability. During the laminating process, the paper and the board are pressed together to form a single unit, which allows further sawing, drilling, cutting, milling, varnishing, staining or gluing the laminated board, for example, to the wall. It does not absorb moisture and does not stain shelves in the press. It can be layered or joined with paper tape. Balancing papers are made from natural fibers of coniferous and deciduous trees and are impregnated with urea-formaldehyde resin.

Available in a variety of grammages and roll widths.

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